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No Ongoing Fees!

Do you sell an amazing product or service, but struggling to get the word out and not making enough sales? If so, we'd love to partner with you. We'll use our video marketing expertise to drive traffic and sales of your product in exchange for a percentage of the revenue we generate.

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Partnership Requirements

To qualify for a partnership, you must:

A. Sell products under a brand name you own

- OR -

B. Provide your own services

- OR -

C. Own exclusive distribution rights for the products you sell

We do not partner with affiliate marketers.

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How it Works

Video Marketing Process

Landing Page Creation

We create a landing sales page to promote your products or services. Since this page is separate from your existing website, any sales generated through the landing page can be credited to our marketing campaign.

Call Tracking Setup

We setup a dedicated phone number on our call tracking system, to track incoming calls. Since this number is different from your main company phone number, any calls received on this number can be credited to our marketing campaign.

Create Videos

We create a custom set of videos to promote your products or services.

Rank Videos

We use our proprietary video marketing strategies to promote your videos so they rank highly in Google search results.

Generate Sales

Once the videos are ranked, traffic will start flowing into your landing page and your phone will start ringing. At this point, you start making sales and pay us the agreed upon commission rate for each sale. We'll continue promoting the campaign so long as it remains profitable for you and for us.

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